JPEG-PLENO’s Interest in Light Field Images

The JPEG-PLENO group has many active members working to understand how video-based multi-camera images can be captured and encoded for transmission to a range of 3D displays including stereoscopic, volumetric, holographic and light field-based.  While there are long term goals,

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Trade-offs in Light Field Streaming, Processing and Display Requirements for High and Low Fidelity Applications

The number of 3D media applications is growing exponentially and each application has its own set of required visual depth cues. Many of these applications call for high fidelity holographic imagery with a large number of visual depth cues (e.g.,

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Visualization Technologies and the Challenge of High Performance Computing at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility

Data visualization technologies and high performance computing continue to evolve at a disruptive pace.  The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has a unique history of deploying advanced visualization solutions to meet the

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An Overview of Light Field Acquisition

Although the core principles of Light Field imaging were discovered more than 100 years ago, it’s only been the last ten years that this amazing technology has progressed to the point of commercialization.   Capturing light field images is extremely challenging,

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Improving Battlespace Awareness, Reducing Warfighter Workload, and Enabling Rapid Response Through the Use of Collaborative 3D Holographic Display

The accelerated pace of today’s battlespace requires military leaders to build strategies and make decisions in a much shorter timeframe.  The speed of war requires assessments and actions in near real time which introduces new risks to the rules of

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FoVI3D’s Display Agnostic Application Interface/Scene Description Proposal

A light-field display projects 3D aerial imagery that is visible to the unaided eye (without glasses or head tracking) and allows for perspective correct visualization within the display’s projection volume.  Light-field rendering is the process of rendering all the perspective

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Introduction to SMFoLD Workshop 2017

This presentation will quickly review what was accomplished in the 2016 workshop then discuss the goals and objectives for the 2017 workshop.  Simply put, the workshop will review the status of development in light field acquisition, display, applications and standards

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Light Field Displays: From Current Developments to the Next Generation

Light field and 3D displays have existed for some time, but have yet to reach full mainstream adoption. However, newest developments provide reason for optimism. In this talk, we will discuss various existing approaches to light field displays and summarize

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SMFoLD Streaming 3D Media

Interest in 3D viewing has grown significantly over the last few years with the resurgence of Virtual Reality (VR), the future promise of Augmented Reality (AR), and the hastening pace of volumetric and light field display technology development. The generation

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MPEG’s Efforts to Standardize the ORBX format

Market analysts predict that a multibillion dollar shift toward immersive forms of media and displays will unfold in the early 2020’s. Media, and our ability to interact with it, will no longer be confined to 2D video paradigms. Toward that

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