JPEG-PLENO’s Interest in Light Field Images

The JPEG-PLENO group has many active members working to understand how video-based multi-camera images can be captured and encoded for transmission to a range of 3D displays including stereoscopic, volumetric, holographic and light field-based.  While there are long term goals, current activity is focused upon understanding the trades-offs between physical camera positions and the ability to recreate synthetic views for positions between physical cameras, via actual testing methodologies.  This is a first step in determining minimum views for certain applications which will then lead to efforts to develop efficient compression techniques that take advantage of the huge redundancy in linear or array-type multi-image formats.  Delivery of these image sets – or models of the images – will be needed for these advanced visualization solutions from VR to desktop to theater scale.  This presentation will describe the on-going work, roadmap for future activity and relevance for the development of a streaming standard for light field displays.

Walt Husak, Director Image Technologies, Dolby Laboratories