Benefits of ORBX for Light Field Workflow and Display

This presentation will explore the hardware specific benefits of MPEG’s standardization efforts for ORBX and vectorized holographic formats, as well as articulate the downstream light field workflows that enable compelling immersive experiences.

Jon Karafin, CEO and Founder, Light Field Lab, Inc.

Jon Karafin has dedicated his career to innovation in live action cinema, VFX post-production, and light field technology – transforming bleeding-edge concepts into market ready solutions. As CEO of Silicon Valley-based startup Light Field Lab, he applies this expertise to the development of a next-generation light field display and holographic ecosystem.

In his former role as Head of Light Field Video at award-winning tech company Lytro, Karafin ushered in a new era for cinematic capture and post-production via the Lytro Cinema camera, which was unveiled at the 2016 NAB Show to a record-setting audience. Karafin’s expert leadership of the diverse aspects of this project – product management, technology (engineering and software), intellectual property, and business development – helped to make it a success.

Karafin has an extensive background in digital imaging technology development, having previously served as VP of Production Technology at RealD and as Director of Production, Technology, and Operations at Digital Domain Media Group. There he was responsible for successfully delivering technology and content for several of the all-time highest grossing feature films, including Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, Michael Bay’s Transformers 3, and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Karafin holds multiple graduate degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), as well as BFAs in multiple fields from Ithaca College.